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Beirut Contemporary

Beirut Contemporary is promoting contemporary artists from the Middle-East and North-Africa.

The gallery, located in the heart of the historical city center of Lisbon, was founded in early 2020 by Rasha Salah and Joachim Liebscher, mainly exhibiting visual art, accompanied by events and screenings. Beirut Contemporary collaborates with and conducts festivals as well as art and culture projects.

B.C. aims at enriching the kaleidoscope of Art publicly visible and made available by the art market in Europe by adding a small fraction of the multilayered and chronically actual universe of Middle-Eastern and North-African contemporary art.

Rasha Salah

Born in Lebanon and a graduate of Social and Cultural Development in France, Rasha Salah was the Executive Director of an arts and culture foundation in Beirut with a focus on curation, strategy and vision development as well as marketing development and outreach maximization. She initialized and curated exhibitions, films screenings, talks and musical interventions. Directing festivals and cultural projects, she has experience in establishing and expanding the outreach of cultural funds. Rasha Salah worked in various international organizations aiming at cultural and social development. She currently is Co-Founder and Curator of Beirut Contemporary.

Joachim Liebscher

German-born Joachim Liebscher is is Director, Co-Founder and Owner of Beirut Contemporary. has an academic background in art history as well as law and holds several post-grad Master’s degrees in business management and -analysis.

He has curated corporate art collections and exhibitions for the Swiss Stock Exchange in Zürich, brought two convention centers in Switzerland to success and acted as internal consultant for innovation- and efficiency methods in the Banking-, Real Estate- and Airline sector.